How to improve your SEO ranking in the time of Google AI?

Improve SEO Ranking

Artificial intelligence or AI is an emerging technology and it is entering every technical sector of the world. So how can we keep it away from SEO? Google AI-based algorithms are there to rank websites. Artificial intelligence has made it easy for Google to organize the best results in its search engine results pages (SERPs). But also it helped many webmasters to rank their websites for specific topics and keywords easily. 

But some webmasters or marketers don’t even have an idea about artificial intelligence in search engine optimization. Some might think that artificial intelligence is only used for robotics. Are you also in the same basket?

How to improve your SEO ranking in the time of Google AI
How to improve your SEO ranking in the time of Google AI?

Then don’t worry, because today we are going to tell you the way to improve your SEO ranking in these days of Google AI. There are many ways to get help with AI in SEO, and we will try to cover as much as possible in this post. So keep reading it till the end to understand how to use artificial intelligence to rank better. 

What Is AI SEO?

Before we explore more about AI SEO, let’s just find out the meaning of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a human-made technology in which computers are made capable of compute, calculate, or analyze large data sets quickly and easily. There are many subcategories of artificial intelligence. Machine learning, robotics, deep learning, NLP are some of the examples. And whenever these technologies are used by search engines to rank sites, it is known as AI SEO. 

How Google Use AI As Search Algorithms?

Most of the websites are trying hard to impress Google. They want to rank on Google in any way. That is why Google AI is the other name for artificial intelligence. Google has developed many search algorithms based on artificial intelligence. Following are some of these algorithms: Rankbrain and BERT. In 2021 and beyond, more artificial intelligence will be used by Google while ranking sites.

Why It Is Important In Google Rankings?

You might think that everything is going fine doing manual SEO. Then why do we need to use AI for SEO? It is because Google is using AI to rank websites. If Google is using it then why don’t you? Also, Google algorithms are hard enough to understand for humans, and in the future, they will become more complex. You need AI SEO to tackle Google AI. 

Ways To Improve SEO Ranking Using AI SEO

Now let’s talk about ways to improve SEO ranking using AI SEO and there can be many ways to do it. Following are some common but important usage of artificial intelligence (AI) in search engine optimization. So let’s have a look at these ways.

#1. Build An SEO Strategy With AI

Developing an SEO strategy is a complex task. Because so many things you have to consider while building a strategy. You don’t know what Google AI likes or dislikes. But artificial intelligence can help you figure out everything & it will also help you build an SEO strategy.

In-depth SEO Strategy

While doing it manually you will cover a few things only. But AI SEO tools will tell you how to develop an SEO strategy based on more in-depth research and analysis. 

More Keywords

You don’t have to be satisfied with a few keywords. Artificial intelligence can help you get more primary, secondary, and LSI-keywords. You can rank better with a mixture of all these keywords. 

#2. Build Content Strategy With AI

Building a content strategy with AI-based tools is a lot easier than doing it manually. A proper strategy based on a specific topic or niche can be developed using artificial intelligence-based content research tools.

More Content Ideas

After getting related keywords in your hand you need ideas to generate content to impress Google AI and users. Using AI tools to research more content ideas is easier than brainstorming.

Content Trends

The content ideas that AI tools provide are not only ideas, but they are trends also. They define what trends are there in the market. 

#4. Enhanced User Experience Using AI

User experience is the future of search engine optimization. But AI is the future of the whole technical world. So both of these things are required to be used parallelly. Search engines will rank websites based on user experience. Google AI will work in this manner. And the best thing is that you can use artificial intelligence to enhance the user experience easily.

Satisfy User Intent By Providing Answer

Many AI-based tools will help you figure out what is the user intent behind a search. Writing stuff based on user intent is good, but satisfying user intent is better. So you have to answer all the queries or questions a user has in mind behind the search query or keyword. Google AI understands this user intent, and you can use some tools to satisfy the user intent. 

Answering All The User Queries

Many tools are there based on artificial intelligence and focusing on user intent. These tools can be used in a way to find questions that users want to be answered. If you answer these questions through your content, then your site will rank better than competitors.

#5. Scaling Your SEO Plan

Whenever it comes to scale up your SEO strategy, webmasters become lazy. Because a lot of work has to be done to scale up. There will be more analysis, comparison, research, and expansion of SEO technologies. All these tasks make it a time-consuming thing to scale up your SEO packages. But it can be made easy with some Google AI-based tools.

Analysis & Insights

Artificial intelligence has made it easy for webmasters to get insights into their webpages in just one click. Analyzing these insights has also turned easy with artificial intelligence.

Easy To Use Already Available Data

Not only insights but more data are available for a website if we use artificial intelligence-based SEO research tools. These tools gather data and show it to us to make improvements accordingly. 

#6. Automate SEO Tasks

Google AI is a fast technology and you need to be faster than it. Is it possible? No, it is not possible for any website. But you can run in the same direction Google is going. Google is updating its algorithms, technology through AI very quickly. You can also automate some tasks to do everything quickly with artificial intelligence. From website audits to technical report generation, everything is made simple now.

#7. Voice SEO Using AI

Voice SEO is the future and it is supported and backed by artificial intelligence. If you are not using AI tools for voice searches then you are far behind many other websites. Must use these tools to rank better for voice searches. 

Google AI or AI-based algorithms used by Google are changing the way websites are ranked. You have to be updated about all these new algorithms. But the complexity of all these algorithms makes it difficult for humans to understand them. Even Google’s developers are not aware of it completely.

But you can tackle these algorithms using artificial intelligence (AI) SEO. The above-mentioned ways are very useful to enhance your SEO strategy completely with artificial intelligence.


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