How To Transfer Money By WhatsApp Pay?

Transfer Money By WhatsApp Pay

What is WhatsApp Pay? Now instant messaging app WhatsApp can not only send messages but also money. The company has begun this service in India, it called WhatsApp Pay. Please have a look at the below process of how to use it.

After a long time, the feature of WhatsApp Pay has gone live in India. That is, now you able to transact money over WhatsApp. The company said, ‘From now, users of India will be able to send money through WhatsApp. This is a secure method of sending money from it is as easy as sending a message. WhatsApp was only waiting for approval of the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) for this service in India, which has now been received.

What is WhatsApp Pay?

It is a payment service of UPI-based WhatsApp, which was tested in India since February. Now it has been delivered for all users. Through this, users can link their UPI-enabled bank accounts and send money through it. Its supports all popular banks such as HDFC, ICICI, SBI, Axis Bank and Airtel Payments.

How to setup WhatsApp Pay?

You must update WhatsApp then reopen it after the update. Now touch on the menu or 3-dot icon on the right. There you will view a new option of payment. After continuing to payment, you have to tap on Add Payment Method.

Now touch on Accept and Continue then you will get a list of banks.

After choosing the bank, your number (linked to a bank account) will be verified.

An SMS will come to your mobile for verification. Your WhatsApp’s register number must be the same which is linked to the bank account. After the verification process, you have to set a UPI PIN, which is used at the time of payment.

setup payment option in whatsapp pay

How to send money through WhatsApp Pay?

Sending money via this is as easy as sending a message, image or video.

For this, open WhatsApp and select to the contact you want to send money.

Now you tap on the attachment icon given below, then the option of payment will also seem along with Gallery and Documents.

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Now enter in the amount of money you want to transfer. With this, you can also write a comment.

Now money transfer by whatsapp

Now after placing UPI PIN, the money will transfer.

Final Words

I hope you liked this post about WhatsApp Pay and it will be helpful to you. Please comment down below if you have any questions. Also please let us know if you have tried it or not and what was your experience. Than you.



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