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Is Melania Trump Planning To Divorce Donald Trump?

Melania Trump Planning To Divorce? Donald Trump faced defeat in the US presidential election and now he is going to divorce his wife Melania. Melania is going to break a 15-year-old relationship with Trump. A former White House aide has claimed that the couple is going to break the 15-year-old marriage bond and will divorce them once Melania Trump leaves the White House.

According to a report in London’s Tabloid Daily Mail, Omarosa Manigault Newman, former director of communications at the White House Public License Office, alleged, “While in Donald Trump’s office, Melania is not divorcing because if she is currently If they try to insult him, he (Trump) will find a way to punish them.

Is Melania Trump Planning To Divorce Donald Trump_

Newman unexpectedly resigned in December 2017 following a public feud with Trump. A friend of Melania insisted that she started crying after her husband won the 2016 election, as she had never expected it. He waited for five months to move from New York to Washington, as his son Barone had to complete school.

However, Stephanie Wolkoff, a former US fashion, entertainment executive and Melania consultant, said she was negotiating an extramarital agreement with Melania Trump to give Barron an equal share in the property. The walk-off also stated that Trump and Melania’s bedrooms in the White House were separate and the two were in a compromising marriage. 

Amidst rumors and speculation in public, Melania has been claiming that she has a great relationship with her husband. Trump has also insisted that he never argue with his wife. According to the pre-marital agreement with second wife Marla Maples, she cannot publish or interview any book criticizing Donald Trump. Melania is said to have given a similar consent.

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