How to Keep Your Boxing Headgear Fresh and Smell Free

Being a boxing enthusiast, you would admit that the smell of a new boxing headgear is a lot mesmerizing. As long as the head guard remains fresh and clean, you always feel great and confident during the match. However, if you fail to keep up with cleaning it properly, it may get dirty and may start to smell bad with time.

Ways to Keep Your Boxing Headgear Smell Free

In case you are a dedicated boxer who is quite concerned about the condition of his/her boxing equipment, you would definitely know how it feels if it starts to smell foul with the passing time.
For the boxers like you who are genuinely keen about the value of their money and want to keep their headgears last for a longer time, we are here with a list of techniques that you can utilize to keep any foul smell away from them.

1. Let Air Pass Through Your Boxing Headgears

For once, if your equipment starts smelling foul, it’s not easy to make it smell fresh again. So, we would suggest you keep your eyes open for every warning sign.

Try not to place your headgear into your gym bag after your training session or match, as it might be sweaty at that time. This action might not allow it to get dry and provide a suitable environment for the bacterias to prosper and make it stink. 

Keep Your Boxing Headgear Fresh and Smell Free
Keep Your Boxing Headgear Fresh and Smell Free

In case you are concerned, keep it out of your gym bags when it’s wet and let it dry in the open air. However, in case you are in a great rush, and you have no choice but to keep your sweaty headgear in your bag, make sure that you draw it out as soon as you reach your destination.

Before we start with the rest of the list, let us inform you of the things that you must avoid when trying to dry your headgears:

  • Avoid placing the sweaty and damp headgear under direct sunlight. 
  • Avoid placing it near the fire.
  • Never use a hairdryer for the drying purpose. 
  • Never dry it using a washing machine. 

2. Wipe Them Properly with Antibacterial Wipes

Once yourhead guardgets dried up, try to wipe it properly with antibacterial wipes. This is to leave no chance for bacterias to stay on the surface and grow. Try looking for those antibacterial wipes that have no harmful impact on the leather surface of the product.

3. Do Use Home Remedies for the Purpose

For keeping them smelling fresh, you can also use home remedies, such as the ones mentioned as follows: 

  1. Use a mixture of vinegar and water:

Make a mixture of 50% vinegar and 50% water, pour it inside a spray bottle, and then sprinkle it on your headgear. This will kill the bacterias that are responsible for any foul smell and will keep the headgear fresh. 

  1. Try sprinkling baking soda on your dry boxing headgear

Baking soda helps to suck up all the unpleasant smell coming from the product. This was all about the cleaning tips. In case you want to know more about boxing headgears, do read the 2021 Short Guide: TOP 5 Points to Analyze When Purchasing the Best Boxing Headgear.

Final Words

So in this post, we shared the best ways to keep your boxing headgear fresh and free from any bad smell. We hope this has been helpful to you. If you have any questions, please let us know by commenting below.


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