10 Best Low Power Consumption Room Heaters


Everybody thinks winter is just one of the most adored seasons, as a result of the seasonal joys it attracts.

A few studies indicate that people don’t go out through the winter months, which ends up raising productivity.

Although the chilly temperatures during the winter can help boost the mind, reduce inflammation & enhance productivity, intense cold temperatures can perform precisely the contrary.

When the temperature drops, the Low Power Consumption Room Heater may become your savior. As its name implies, low power consumption room heaters will help to heat the space by trading the potentially minimal power.

Low Power Consumption Room Heaters

Consequently, they’re the best remedy to get during winter. They have less electricity, save money on energy, and supply a warm atmosphere. In this article, we’ll talk about the top 10 low-power consumption room heaters in India.

Top 10 Best Low Power Consumption Room Heaters in India

HeaterPrice RangeCheck Best Price
LG 1.5 Ton 3 Hot and Cold Inverter Splitting AC₹₹₹Buy Now
Havells Oil Filled Radiator₹₹Buy Now
Voltas 1.5 Ton Hot & Cold Window AC₹₹₹Buy Now
Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan HeaterBuy Now
Bajaj Majesty RX11Buy Now
Usha Oil Filled Radiator₹₹Buy Now
Usha Quartz Room Heater (3002)Buy Now
Usha HC 812 TBuy Now
RVA Decorative Electric Fireplace with Remote₹₹Buy Now
Xtreme Infrared Electric Room Heater H1₹₹₹Buy Now

1. Havells Oil Filled Radiator

Running on 230V, this dark sunlight generates and distributes this quantity of heat it helps you fight off winter harshness very effectively. It boasts threesome energy settings, offering adequate wattage for each, and also a thermostatic heat control for quick and well-regulated heating. It is the most favorable energy-efficient room heater in India.

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Havells Oil Filled Radiator


  • Cord storage and rear safety cover
  • Overheating protection and tilt over switch for security
  • Thermostatic heating management and castor wheels for simple mobility
  • Thermostatic heating control. The electricity consumption is 2000 watts
  • PTC heater with fan. Power input: 230 V

2. LG 1.5 Ton Hot and Cold Inverter Splitting AC

In this list, the number second is one of the best low power consumption room heaters in India, and it is LG proudly introduces LS-H18VNXD Sexy and Cold Air Conditioner that provides comfy air throughout winters, summers, and monsoon.

It’s stabilizer-free surgery that shields the AC on a significantly wider array 120V to 290V. Comes together with all the 4Way air swing operations (up-down + right-left) that blows off the cool air in numerous directions to make sure thorough cooling within the space.

Uses the most recent R32 refrigerant gas that is environment-friendly and also makes sure you don’t contribute to global warming when remaining cool. Low refrigerant detection has a lot of advantages while shooting or raising durability that in turn air purifier life.

HD Filter eliminates harmful substances from the atmosphere, like pollen, bacteria, pet dander, dust mites, and allergens as small as 10 µm in dimension, thus beneficial for health. Absorbs chemicals that could lead to allergies. Since the air conditioner absorbs the indoor atmosphere, it is going to get rid of all allergy-causing materials, such as house dust and bugs floating in the air.

EZ wash filter is designed for simple handling and fast cleaning elongates the lifespan of your cherished Air Conditioner. Particular sea black defense applied to the indoor and outdoor unit offer exceptional durability for your air purifier in normal Indian areas affected by sand, salt, industrial smoke, and pollutant. 10 years warranty on compressor guarantees longer efficient lifestyle of their Air Conditioner.


  • Cold and hot split AC using DUAL Inverter Compressor: providing comfy air throughout winters, summers and monsoons.
  • Ability 1.5 Ton: Suitable for Suitable for medium sized rooms (111 to 150 sq. feet )
  • Energy Rating: 3 Star. Annual energy consumption: 1015.70 units. ISEER worth: 3.96, please consult energy Label on merchandise page or contact manufacturer for additional information.
  • Warranty: 1 Year (Comprehensive), 10 Years (Compressor with Gas Restoring T&C Apply)
  • Gold Fin Condenser: Make sure more resistance to rust and prolong durability of this heat exchange for a much longer interval
  • Special Attributes: Heating and Cooling System, Ez Clean Filter, Active Energy Control, Ocean Black Protection, Comfort Air, Magic Screen, Copper Installation Kit, Low Refrigerant Detection, Sleep mode, Auto Clean & Stabilizer Free Operation(120-290V)
  • HD Dust Filter, 3M Micro protection blocker, 100% , Jet Mode, Fresh Dry, Smart Identification System, Cools in 52° C

3. Voltas 1.5 Ton Hot & Cold Window AC

Indian summers are often hot and winters, very frigid. Voltas 1.5 ton window AC includes an option for the case, and more…It includes Hot & Cold technologies which keeps your saltwater refreshingly cool if the temperatures outside climbs up to 45˚, also throughout winters it keeps you cozily warm even when the temperature outside reaches 0˚. It only suggests it absolutely serves the purpose for which it’s created.

Having said this, it requires that it’s utility even through monsoon. Its lively dehumidifier senses indoor humidity and controls.

Talking about its dimensions setting, it’s attributes like Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode, etc. . . . Turbo is for quick heating and Sleep is for keeping up the established temperature effortlessly once you head to bed. With this AC fitted on your window, it will not be an exaggeration to state that not just you but your fantasies might go to sleep! In order to not let this happen, it’s completely your responsibility to enhance the performance of yourself’ with alert at your side


  • Windows AC
  • 1.5 ton (moderate sized space )
  • Hot & Cold performance
  • Dust filter
  • Dehumidifier
  • R22 refrigerant gas
  • 1 year guarantee on merchandise, 1 year on condenser, 5 years on compressor
  • Copper condenser coil

4. Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater

Life is made user-friendly using ease of functioning Dwelling appliances at Orpat. The fact is that it’s most beneficial low power eating room heater .The firm has diversified into the portion of consumer durables and appliances for the home utilizing a enormous basket of appliances ranging between handheld, irons and mixer grinders, toasters, ovens, heaters, along with fans etc..


  • Meant for Spot Heat; Safety Mesh Grill; 100% genuine Copper-wire Motor for more extended life
  • Space Size: up to 250 sq. feet
  • Ideal for a receive yourself a small/medium-sized distance just. Makes some sound due to buff
  • Nonsagging, stitching type, and Endurance heating component
  • Thermal Cut off for Additional safety
  • Two heating settings-1000 drops and 2000 watts
  • Position heater
  • Overheating protection
  • Safety Cut off
  • Thermal Cut off
  • Two heat settings: 1000 g and 2, 000 watts
  • Could Be Employed as a fanatic
  • Variable thermostat setting

5. Bajaj Majesty RX11

Bajaj home appliances are an Indication of durability and Quality plus so they’ve added yet another feather to their cap with most of the current Bajaj RX 1 1 2000 watt heating system convector.

This heat convector can be just really actually a brilliant supply of buff forced hot venting. With two heat settings, then you can restrain the temperature you would like. It is the best room heater for the home.

The flexible thermostat is still another unique characteristic of this Bajaj RX 1 1 helping to make it feasible to continue to hold the preferred temperature in the space.

This convection heater is actually a superb appliance to acquire at your home since maybe it’s a fan from the summers along with also a heater in the winters.

Safe for Utilization with Internationalized Design. Bajaj has put an emphasis on safety of their appliances. Possessing a trendy touch home and assembled in management, it’s simple to move or touch that Bajaj 2000 Watt heating convector minus the prospect of skin.

In addition, it gives you double security confidence that is with assistance from this thermostat, car thermal cut out, and thermal fuse which prevents overheating. Its distinguishing design relies on a worldwide design and appears appealing.


  • New: Bajaj
  • Power: 2000W
  • Two heat settings of 1000W along with also 2000W
  • Cool-touch residence
  • Contains automobile thermal cutout, thermostat, and thermal fuse for safety
  • Immediate Warmth: 2000 Watts Heat Convector Room heater ensure that your comfort during chilly winters
  • Personalized Comfort: Blame to the heating needs using an adjustable thermostat and two heating settings (1000 W/ / 2000 W), Cord Form:- PVC
  • Peace of mind: Adding automobile thermal shutoff and a thermal fuse to prevent overheating
  • Convenient & Elegant: RX10 includes two-way installation vertical and flat
  • Multi-Tasking: Acts like a heater in winter and personal enthusiast in summer
  • Reliable & Safe: Our room heaters are both reliable and in addition, they incorporate a two Year warranty

6. Usha Oil Filled Radiator

World class oil grade ED/HD 300 for better Functionality, elastic Thermostat. Powder-coated fins for rust protection, cable Winder for storage. Recess Handle and castor wheels for reliability.


  • Meant for Spot Heat; Room-size: up to 150 sq.. feet
  • 9 fins acrylic filled radiator; three heating areas
  • Earth course oil grade ED/HD 300 for Increased performance; Inbuilt hint over switch Together with heat security for safety
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 2400 W; Running Performance: 220-240 volts
  • As an example heat (space measurements up to 150 sq.. feet )
  • 9 Powder-coated hooks for rust protection
  • Oil-filled radiator
  • Three warming areas: 800W, 1200W Together with 2000W
  • Earth course oil grade ED/HD 300 to get Superior performance
  • Inbuilt hint over alter
  • Flexible thermostat
  • Overheating protection
  • 2400W maximum energy ingestion
  • 220-240 V required voltage for functionality
  • 12 months warranty on the product
  • Cord winder for storage
  • Recess manage and castor wheels for portability

7. Usha Quartz Room Heater (3002)

When we speak about greatest chamber heater at India afterward we can not Forget Usha Quartz room heaters,

SAFETY DEVICE: The safety tip-over switch blows off the heater off in The event it tilts or drops. POWDER COATED FINISH: Powder coated finish to protect against rust. Energy-saver Low energy consumption.

HEATING POSITIONS: You will find just two heating places to fulfill your own relaxation.

CORD STORAGE FACILITY: cord is easily mounted on the hooks offered in the back of the heater to get storage.


  • Meant for Spot Heat; Voltage/Frequency: 230V/50Hz/1 Period
  • Space Size: up to 150 sq. ft.; Well Suited to get a Small space only, i.e. Up to 120 sq. ft. Touch Sensor: No
  • Safety tip-over switch cuts the heater off when it tilts or drops; Powder coated finish to prevent rust
  • Designed for low energy consumption; You will find just two heating areas to Complement your comfort
  • Customer Support Number: 18001033111; Warranty: 1 year on product; Ability: 400 and 800 watts
  • Nation of Origin: India

8. Usha HC 812 T

Enjoy a warm and comfortable ambiance for This Specific Electric Fan Heater.

It includes two adjustable heat settings so you can adjust in accordance with your requirements. It’s Overheat Protection for extra security. In addition, boasting a compact design, it includes 200 volt power which ensures effective performance


  • Style: This room heater includes a high quality plastic grill and body. This really is a fan-type heater also contains 12 fins and three heat settings.
  • 2 Heat Settings: 2 configurations high warmth, low heat that give a perfect relaxation and creates refreshing air flow without additional heat for advantage
  • Function: Our Mobile heater supplies functionalities such as Automatic Warmth Control Overheat Protection
  • Power Mode:- 1000-2000Watt You are able to correct according to ambient room temperature to provide much better performance using maximum 2000W output
  • Guarantee Our Electric Heaters Comes with 1 brand guarantee from the date of purchase.

9. R VA Decorative Electric Fireplace

Decorative electric fireplace (30 inches) using remote, with No wooden mantel, 2 power putting 1000w/2000w, 5 levels LED lightness, 7 color light-emitting diode fire changes up to 9 hours timer configurations, so this merchandise is made of R VA.

It really is but one of the ideal room heaters to get the home, it’s new from the Indian market also it’s really quite straightforward to set up and operate.

R VA is the only manufacturers in India of electric fireplaces. Included flaming impacts, use of heating system surgery isn’t compulsory, but it could be properly used as a decorative product with massive effect.

Its all-weather product as a product has the choice to not only utilize heating blowers and sometimes maybe needed.

Product measurements: screen length: 30 inches, height: 16 inches thickness: 1 inch cut out dimensions require to fit the thing: span: 28 inches, height: 16 inches, thickness: 8 inches more wooden mantel.


  • Cosmetic Electric fireplace with remote, LED lightness
  • Two power setting 1000W/2000W
  • 7 Color LED Turn around 9 hours timer
  • Electric fireplace that reproduces real life fireplace using LED light
  • Two power settings: 1000W Together with 2000W
  • 7 distinct LED fire Colors
  • 9 hours timer

10. Xtreme Infrared Electric Room Heater H1

Xtreme Infrared Radiant heater is constructed from finned special aluminum alloy with exceptional technology. Heater employs aero heating component and has rather large electricity-heat efficiency ratio.

Heating is coated by particular Nano painting and infra beams are generated after warm-up. Xtreme Infrared Radiant heater generates heating like sunlight rays, it provides an effect of sunlight rising from the area.

The benefits of clean, secure, comfortable, healthy, and dependable warming are delivered together with the heater, getting a new trend of healthful & comfy warming style. Next-generation heating remedy hard all conventional heating Features

Comfortable: No breeze, mild or odor is due throughout the running, so the indoor atmosphere is clean without drifting dust. * Energy-saving: It’s high heat production efficiency and decent heat radiation effect, controls the temperature, and conserves energy and power.

Reliable: The built quality is quite great. The service life is up to 20 years

Great for wellness: Great physical treatment healthcare for the body. The warmth infrared and light heating system can alter body microflow, mobile organization underneath skin generating resonance, draining the barrier of microflow, balancing and adjusting nervous system boosting metabolism, raising body bodily energy Benefits

Heat, quick heating, fantastic heat conductance. The best alternative for heating & outside. Space heating system, simple to concentrate heat on a particular place within a radiant selection. Low carbon, Energy eco-friendly & efficient. No sound, no end, no odor, no mild & no dust Wall, Ceiling & hidden mounted.

Easy installation, maintenance-free, light & slim glossy design. Be indoor plants thrive. Be indoor air clean & sterilize because of far infrared beams disinfection antiseptic effect. Much infra beam behavior on the human body makes people feel as the sun is warm.


  • Stay warm and comfy with Xtreme Infrared Heater, warms indoor and outdoor spaces right
  • Xtreme Infrared Radiant heater generates IR radiation that gives heating the same as sunlight rays, it provides a consequence of sunlight rising in the area. It doesn’t burn oxygen, hence giving quite comfortable heating and may be utilized quite comfortably in closed rooms
  • Xtreme Infrared Radiant heater provides a comfortable radiant heat warming the people and objects in its course, rather than wasting energy heating the atmosphere.
  • Perfect to be used in dining places, living rooms, Bedrooms, patios, gardens, balconies, outside rooms and Coffee stores, banquets, open lawns and higher finish houses/farm homes.
  • Premium, Sleek & most gorgeous design gels with the majority of contemporary, traditional & lavish interiors. Suitable for Upto 200 Square Feet region. Wall or ceiling mounted fixed installment type heater.

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Final Words

In this article, we shared a list of Low Power Consumption Room Heaters. We hope this will help you select and buy a better room heater for your need. If you have any further queries or suggestions, feel free to share them with us via comments or contact us.


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