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How to Apply for Fino Payment Bank CSP Online

With Fino Payment Bank CSP you can earn good money as well as earn good respect. Whether you belong to a rural area or from an urban area, opening Fino Payment Bank can be a profitable deal for you. Whether you are a common service center (CSC) operator or you do a grocery or mobile shop, you can increase your business and income through Fino Payment Bank CSP.

Apply for Fino Payment Bank CSP Online
Apply for Fino Payment Bank CSP Online

Today in this post I am going to share information about Fino Payment bank CSP. What is Fino Payment bank CSP and what are its benefits? How can you apply online for Fino Payment bank? Also, what documents do you need to have to apply this?

What is Fino Payment Bank CSP?

FINO PayTech Ltd is a banking technology platform company. The company was launched on 13 July 2006. It has branches across India and its headquarter in Mumbai. It has three subsidiaries of which Fino Payment bank is one. Fino Payment bank is a banking facility that provides the facility of financial transactions to customers like other banks. The CEO of Fino Payment Bank is -Rishi Gupta.

In ten years, they have touched the lives of over 100 million customers through over 25000 touch points in 499 districts across 28 states in India.

Now let’s talk about Fino Payment bank CSP. CSP here means Customer Service Point. You can call it a mini bank. In this way, by opening Fino Payment bank CSP, you can become its independent operator. You will benefit from this, as well as you can provide bank facilities with your customers.

You can also transact with other banks with a Fino bank account. Customers can also receive payment from any government or private institution in Fino Bank Account.

Benefits of taking Fino Payment Bank CSP Service?

By taking Fino Payment Bank CSP you get a good commission on the transaction. Apart from this, customers also have many advantages. A customer gets a lot of facilities at a Finno Bank Customer Service Center.

Some of the main facilities which are available at the center are:

  1. Account opening
    • You can open customer accounts at Fino Payment Bank CSP.
    • Finno Bank allows customers to open a Current Account or Savings Account. Along with this, zero balance accounts and salary accounts can also be opened here.
  2. Cash Deposit
    • The customer can deposit money in his account.
  3. Cash Withdrawal
    • The customer can withdraw funds from his account.
  4. Balance Inquiry
    • Customers can check the outstanding balance in their accounts.
  5. Mini statement
  6. Money Transfer
    • Domestic and International money can be sent by Fino Payment CSP.
  7. Cash at Point of Sale (POS)
  8. Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS)
    • Here payment can be made with an Aadhaar card which is verified by fingerprint or iris scan.
  9. Bill Payments and Recharge
    • With its help, you can also pay electricity bills, pay for government facilities, recharge your mobile or DTH.

Apart from this, the customer can pay for online payment, mobile, DTH and electricity bills by online banking or using Finno Bank’s bPay App in his phone and can take advantage of other online facilities.

How to apply for Fino Payment Bank?

There are two safe and reliable ways to open a Fino Payment Bank.

1. Contact the nearest branch

Also, contact the nearest branch of your area you can take CSP. You will get help from their official website to find your nearest branch. You have to visit where you will get the page as per the photo shown below.

fino payments bank apply online
FINO Payments Bank apply online

You can find your nearest branch as I have indicated with the arrow. Contact directly by going there and you can take the fino payment bank CSP Center by submitting the required documents as mentioned below.

2. Apply Online

f there is no branch in your nearest area or away. In such a situation, you can apply online. To apply online for Fino Payment Bank CSP, go to website and click register from the merchant tab. Or click on the button below

After this, you have to fill your information in the form as shown below

Apply for Fino Payments Bank

In this, after filling your name, current email, current mobile number, name of the shop or common service centeraddress of the shop, name of your city and Area pin code, click on “Apply Now” and submit the form. After this, the concerned officials will contact you according to your given information.

Required documents for Fino Payments Bank

  • Aadhar card, driving license and voter card, two of these documents required.
  • Pan Card
  • Recent passport size photo
  • Active email id
  • Active mobile number

Eligibility to take Fino Payment Bank

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to take Fino Payments Bank
  • To get a Fino Payments Bank, you must have your own shop (the place is fine even if it is rented)

For additional information, you can talk to Fino Payments Bank helpline number 1860 266 3466.


Thus I told you what is Fino Payment Bank? What are its benefits? How can you apply online for Fino Payment Bank? What documents are required to apply for this? You can also earn a good income by running your own CSP “Customer Service Center”. I hope you like this post.

If you still have any question, you can comment and ask, I will answer that. Help us to spread this post to others and share it on social media. Thank you

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The importance of custom packaging solutions these days

Custom packaging is mostly about ensuring that the packaging positively represents the brand’s qualities and its products. They are making it extremely easy for buyers to know what they are buying or using.

It is also an integral aspect of the marketing strategy. It brings awareness of the brand and its product in the industry. However, there are several ways by which custom packaging solutions can significantly enhance your brand’s image. Here is a list of a few of those.

Why Custom Packaging is Important

Important Questions: Have you ever thought of offering your item to your client in a simple box made up of cardboard? Or would you prefer going for a nicely designed customized package related to your brand’s particular theme? 

And do you know what part does custom packaging play in providing the best services to clients?

It is a perfect way to start convincing the client why they can shop from you over and over again. By putting your whole marketing idea into your packaging, you can easily manage to do so.

custom packaging
custom packaging

Your item’s branding is the first step that consumers outside of your site have with your business. The packaging sets the standard for your client’s perception, and it even confirms if they will shop from you again. 

Just think about it, what if you spent all of your effort and money on creating a unique and flexible operating system to manage deliveries of your product. And end up sending your package in an unbranded box. What impression is it going to send to your customers? Are you going to be able to attract customers with this strategy? Of Course not!

How to surprise your customers?

Tell your clients that you have gone ahead to send them so much more than what they have asked for. 

This can be something basic, maybe an appreciation note to thank them? Or either packaging their order in some customized sheets.

PROTIP: You can send a few stickers illustrating their effort to take time for you. And put in some tags. Trust me when I say this, it is very convenient and only takes a little of your time. You will easily win the heart of your customers and make them permanent! 

How to choose to package your products?

Make sure that whatever you choose to pack, your products should link with your product theme. It is highly preferable to go for custom packaging solutions, though. It is beautiful if you try new designs, shapes, or colors for your packaging as long as it perfectly secures the product inside. You are good to go! 
TIP: A custom package would always enhance the visibility of your product. 

custom packaging solutions
The importance of custom packaging solutions these days

Why is custom packaging highly recommended?

It is suggested by many because it manages to maintain product quality. Custom packaging means that the entire packaging will be done according to the product’s need, whether edible or even if it is a paintbox. All of such things are highly sensitive, so their packaging needs to be done with care. 

By sending in a customized package, you will get an opportunity to publicize yourself by asking for reviews. Either start a trending hashtag campaign, and ask your customers to share their online thoughts, it won’t just give you great reach, but your customers will also enjoy doing so. Your customers will advertise their products on social media, which would automatically generate potential buyers for you. 

Moreover, all the newbies will get the feeling that your brand and goods are of high quality. All this would guarantee an excellent first impression and prove beneficial for you in the long run. 

Final Words

So, in this post we shared the importance of customised packaging with you. We hope it has been helpful to you and you understand the importance of custom packaging. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments.