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15 Latest and Best Android Games 2020-21 Addictive Guaranteed!

This list of the latest and best Android games can be your choice for those who are looking for exciting games. There are many choices of the latest Android games that TechTanker has collected here.

You may have played Mobile LegendsFree Fire, and PUBG Mobile a lot, right? But, have you ever been bored with the same games?

If so, that’s just right! The problem is this time we will discuss and give recommendations for the latest and best Android games 2020 that you can play for free.

Guaranteed after you install and play the game, your boredom can disappear, here! Are you curious about the latest 2020 Android games? Come on, see below, gang!

Recommended Latest & Best Android Games 2020

You can find a number of the latest game recommendations, both online and offline, which you can install and play for free.

Most Addictive Best Android Games 2020-21
Latest and Best Android Games 2020-21 Addictive

Well, here is a review of the collection of the latest and best 2020 Android games that you can make a choice. Which one are you going to play?

1. Ninja’s Creed: 3D Sniper Shooting Assassin Game

Want to try playing the latest online Android games that are fun and challenging? If so, you can install the latest game called Ninja’s Creed: 3D Sniper Shooting Assassin Game.

Ninja’s Creed comes with slick 3D visuals and a pretty interesting gameplay mechanism. This game is also reminiscent of the Sniper Elite game because it appears in the First-Person Shooter format.

The difference is, in this game, you will act using arrows and carry out missions that are increasingly difficult at each level. Guaranteed fun!

2. Romancing SaGa Re: univerSe

Are you a fan of the game made by Square Enix? That’s just right! This developer has just released the latest Android RPG game, you know!

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Romancing SaGa Re: univerSe is set in the SaGa universe, with the same gameplay as Final Fantasy Brave Exvius which is set in the Final Fantasy universe, gang.

You have to collect characters, form a team, and overcome all kinds of threats. You can also set whether the fight against the enemy will be done automatically or manually.

3. Tales Of Crestoria

Still in the genre of Role Playing aka RPG games, this time there is Tales of Crestoria which is a gacha game themed like the very unique Tales game.

This game carries a story of friendship between two people on a trip. Not only a unique story, but there are also cameos from other Tales that will adorn this game.

One of the best games for 2020 for Android offers an animation and soundtrack that is no less stunning than Tales. And for sure, this game is free!

4. Bangbang Rabbit!

Even though it requires an internet connection, Bangbang Rabbit! including one of the newest Android games offline because it can also be played without an internet connection.

In this hack and slash Android game , you will become a strong rabbit and have to beat up monsters using various weapons.

Even though the best offline Android game was only released a few days ago, it doesn’t hurt for you to try it. Moreover, Bangbang Rabbit! has a gameplay that is not boring.

5. One-Punch Man: Road To Hero 2.0

One-Punch Man: Road To Hero 2.0 requires you to collect cards with idle-style gameplay and some RPG elements that are very fun to play.

This lightweight Android online game is equipped with various game modes, such as story mode, online PvP, and Extreme Trial. In fact, there are also some fun mini-games, you know.

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In short, this game will require you to collect heroes in card form and upgrade them to make them stronger, gang. Interested in trying it?

Other Latest Android Games …

6. Call of Duty: Mobile

Through the publisher, Garena India, the FPS game from developer Activision has finally officially released a mobile version for the Android and iOS platforms.

Call of Duty: Mobile or COD Mobile is currently one of the newest 2019 Android games that are still on the rise, competing with the popularity of PUBG Mobile and Free Fire in the country.

COD Mobile presents various modes that you can play, such as Deathmatch, Bomb Mission, to Domination from a first-person perspective.

There is also a Battle Royale mode following the game trend that is currently developing and is not inferior to the latest Android game 2020, gang.

7. Mario Kart Tour

Apart from Super Mario Run, Nintendo also presents the Mario Kart Tour game with elements of arcade racing on Android and iOS devices.

This latest game for Android features various special characters such as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser, and many more.

In terms of gameplay , this newly released Android game is similar to the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game which is also one of the best racing games for the Nintendo Switch console.

For those of you who are curious about how to install and play Mario Kart Tour , we have also discussed it before.

8. DIGIMON ReArise

Then there is DIGIMON ReArise which now presents an English version after previously only the Japanese version was available.

This game made by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment makes you nostalgic for playing PlayStation 2 games , such as the Digimon World franchise or Digimon Rumble Arena.

Here you can fight with other players along with five Digimon that you can summon in one match.

Not only that, in this best Android game you are also introduced to the concept of a farm where you can take care of Digimon like pets, you know.

9. 4Story – Age of Heroes

Famous for its PC version, finally 4Story – Age of Heroes is now officially present on the Google Play Store platform .

This offline RPG game offers a semi-open world game where you can explore dungeons , finish off minions , and conquer dungeon ruling bosses . Really exciting, right?

One of the best online Android games developed by developer Zemi Interactive, it also offers capable graphics. So you won’t regret downloading the latest Android game on this one!

10. Onmyoji Chess

Playing games is just messing around with hero pieces? Indeed, that is the essence of games with the auto-battler genre like Auto Chess or Chess Rush, gangs.

NetEase Games also doesn’t want to miss this trend by presenting the latest Android game Onmyoji Chess with a line of heroes from the Onmyoji Arena game.

Just like other games, here you have to face other hero pieces in an 8×8 game board, keep winning, and be the last to survive.

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11. Gravity Rider Zero

Duh, nowadays everything is completely funded ! This includes the game world that you know as pay-to-win.

Well, Gravity Rider Zero that we have discussed this time brought a big change, you know. Starting from eliminating the upgrade components, payment systems, and others.

Compared to the previous version, it is clear that the developer Vivid Games would bring even better games ecosystem fair for all players. Good job!

12. Project Zero Deaths

Another new Android game in October 2019, there is Project Zero Death, which is suitable for those of you who are looking for an online multiplayer game that is light to play.

Game ber- shooter genre 2D presents more than 30 folders you can play with 7 choice of unique character that will continue to grow at an update in the future.

The choice of weapons also varies, where you can get them in several parts of the map with their respective functions and advantages

13. Zooba

Zooba or Zooba: Free-For-All Battle Game developed by the developer Wildlife Studios arguably combines elements of MOBA games and battle royale , gangs.

Here you will fight with 20 other players in a map . You can also choose 10 cute characters inspired by wild animals, such as lions, wolves, chimpanzees, and others.

For those who are bored because they failed to get a chicken dinner at PUBG Mobile or bounced on Free Fire, this game can be a cure

14. Real Driving Sim

Android car games don’t always have to be fast, you know! There are also simulation genre games that you must play like Real Driving Sim in this list.

Real Driving Sim features a choice of more than 80 car models where you can also explore 20 vast cities inspired by the real world.

In this latest offline Android game, you will also get a multiplayer mode where you can meet players of this game from all over the world

15. SCP 096 MODEST

Finally, there is an Android horror game that is perfect for Halloween. Have you ever heard of an urban legend about SCP creatures, gang?

Well, in the SCP 096 MODEST game you will face SCP 096, with a dark and creepy room background.

You just have to run and dodge attacks from SCP 096, which has a human form nearly two meters high and an ear-shattering scream.

The final word

Well, that’s the recommendation for the latest and best Android games for you to play. The genres are also very diverse so you can choose whatever you like!

Do you have any other game recommendations that are no less exciting? Don’t hesitate to write and share your opinion in the comments column below!