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Viral Video Philippines Girl Order Food Online 42 Riders Came For Delivery

Philippines Cebu City Girl Order Food Online 42 Riders Came For Delivery and the video went Viral. Actually, the story behind Girl Order Food Online’s viral video is that a Philippines Girl Ordered Food Online and due to the technical mistake of application there was something happened which surprised everyone there.

Due to technical glitch of the app, 42 delivery boy reached the girl’s house to deliver food. The video is becoming quite viral now a days.

Story Behind Viral Girl Order Food Online

Philippines Girl Order Food Online 42 Riders Came For Delivery Viral Video

The world is slowly moving towards online. Many people are ordering things online instead of offline shopping. Whether it is clothes or food. Coronavirus has also led to a boom in online food this year. It is often seen that due to technical glitches during the online order, sometimes the wrong food is delivered, sometimes it gets delivered more. Recently something happened to a girl in the Philippines, who surprised everyone. 42 Delivery Boy arrived at the girl’s house to deliver food due to a technical glitch in the app. The video is becoming quite viral on social media.

So this the real story behind the viral video of Philippines Girl who order food online.

The case is of Cebu City, Philippines. A school student girl ordered food online in the afternoon. After some time she came to know that the 42 delivery boys arrived at their house to deliver food. As soon as they opened the door, they were also surprised to see the scene. The delivery boy filled the street. A delivery boy’s line was installed outside her house.

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Neither the girl nor the people could understand what was happening. The girl stood outside and started collecting food from the delivery boy. People started standing outside and watching. Then it was found out that this was due to a technical glitch in the app. Dan Kine Swaraj, who lives in the street, recorded a video of the incident and posted it on Facebook.

He told that a 7-year-old girl had ordered food online. Her parents were not at home. She wanted to have lunch with her grandmother. So she ordered food online.

Watch The Viral Video:

This video was shared by Dann Kayne Suarez on 25 November, which has so far garnered over 400K views. Also, more than 800 likes and 100 comments have been made. There are advantages as well as disadvantages of technical disturbances. In such a situation, a person should be ready for both.

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