What you need to know about Sjögren’s syndrome and its nutrition tips?


There are a number of syndromes that have an effect on massive populations that we aren't conscious of. Whereas these syndromes might not be deadly, they'll trigger extreme discomfort to the sufferers. As well as, they normally don't have any therapies, solely administration methods to alleviate the signs.

Sjogren's syndrome is one such syndrome that causes dry mouth, throat, eyes and numerous organs. It's not a life-threatening situation, however an autoimmune illness that may trigger fixed irritation and discomfort.

Due to this fact, those that undergo from this syndrome might have to make way of life and eating regimen adjustments to higher handle the signs. Here is an in depth information to how your eating regimen may help with this syndrome.

What's Sjögren's syndrome and who does it have an effect on?

Sjogren's or Sicca syndrome is an autoimmune illness through which the physique's immune system assaults its cells. On this syndrome, the immune system assaults the glands that produce fluid within the physique, such because the tear and sweat glands. It causes irritation in these glands, resulting in signs akin to:

  • Dry eyes
  • Dry throat
  • joint ache
  • Swollen glands
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Issue swallowing

Though this syndrome can have an effect on anybody, it's common in folks over the age of 40, particularly girls. Moreover, it's categorized into two sorts: major and secondary Sjogren's syndrome. Within the major syndrome, it's not related to different circumstances, whereas within the secondary syndrome, different circumstances akin to rheumatoid arthritis additionally happen.

Sjogren's syndrome

There isn't any therapy for this autoimmune illness, however administration methods, together with the Sjögren's Syndrome Food plan, can scale back the severity of signs. As well as, your physician might prescribe anti-inflammatory medication or drugs to extend the manufacturing of tears and saliva to handle your signs.

The Greatest Meals to Eat for Sjögren's Syndrome

1. Contemporary fruit and veggies

Contemporary fruit and veggies are an ideal supply of fiber and nutritional vitamins for Sjögren's syndrome. In addition they include important minerals and antioxidants, which may scale back the irritation attributable to the situation. To reap the utmost advantages of fruit and veggies, eat them entire quite than juicing them. Additionally, add fruit and veggies of various colours to your every day eating regimen to get a wider vary of vitamins.

2. Anti-Inflammatory Spices and Herbs

The first symptom of Sjogren's illness is irritation of a number of fluid-producing glands within the physique. Due to this fact, you need to reduce the consumption of meals that trigger irritation. Substitute these meals with anti-inflammatory elements, akin to spices and herbs. Add anti-inflammatory meals like garlic and turmeric to your every day meals to scale back irritation. Moreover, research point out:[1] that herbs akin to candy almonds and Flixweed can act as humectants and relieve your signs.

3. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are identified to scale back irritation. Due to this fact, they may help scale back the signs of Sjögren's syndrome. As well as, these are wholesome fat that may exchange trans fat that aren't beneficial for these affected by the syndrome. Among the finest sources of Omega 3 fatty acids are avocados, nuts, olive oil and oily fish. Attempt including these elements to your every day meals to scale back your signs. Except for minimizing your signs, these can even enhance your coronary heart well being.

4. Fibrous Meals

Meals wealthy in fiber are identified to scale back signs of irritation. These embody lentils, quinoa, kidney beans, oats and different entire grains, besides fruit and veggies. In accordance with research[2]A Mediterranean eating regimen, which focuses on these meals teams, might scale back Sjogren's signs. So you may observe this eating regimen to keep away from severe signs.

5. Lean Meat

It's not beneficial to eat crimson meat on a eating regimen with Sjögren's syndrome as a result of inflammatory nature of this meals group. As a substitute, go for lean meats akin to fish that include wholesome fat and proteins. Attempt to purchase natural, much less processed meats, as this reduces the danger of irritation. In case you're vegan, you may exchange lean meats with plant-based protein from lentils and beans. These protein selections present sustained power with out inflicting any irritation.

The Worst Meals to Eat for Sjögren's Syndrome

1. Processed Meals

Processed foods

Processed meals normally have a excessive glycemic index, which may result in irritation and worsen the signs of Sjögren's syndrome. As well as, they usually include canola or corn oil, which may trigger irritation and convert omega-6 fatty acids into dangerous byproducts. Additionally, many processed meals like potato chips can irritate dryness within the mouth and throat. So you need to keep away from processed snacks, baked items, corn syrup and pasta and stick with do-it-yourself meals with contemporary elements as a lot as potential.

2. Trans fat

Trans fat or hydrogenated fat ought to be prevented in a eating regimen with Sjögren's syndrome. These fat are inflammatory and can even trigger coronary heart illness if consumed steadily. They're current in most fried snacks, akin to French fries and chips, which you need to keep away from should you undergo from Sjögren's. Sure baked meals and microwaveable popcorn can also include trans fat. So verify the label of your meals and cooking oils to ensure they're freed from trans fat.

3. Purple meat

Purple meat shouldn't be beneficial for sufferers with Sicca syndrome. It is because crimson meat incorporates arachidonic acid, a kind of fats that may trigger irritation within the physique, worsening your signs. Due to this fact, it is best to keep away from crimson meat, however if you cannot get rid of it, you may exchange it with small quantities of grass-fed meat. Grass-fed bison or beef have anti-inflammatory properties that may offset the inflammatory results of crimson meat to some extent.

4. Allergens

You could get rid of all allergens out of your eating regimen with Sjögren's syndrome. That is as a result of meals allergens can irritate your signs and worsen any irritation. They are going to amplify the dryness and irritation in your mouth and throat. Dairy is a typical allergen that ought to be prevented by all lactose illiberal folks. As well as, many individuals are allergic to sure nuts and gluten. One of the best ways to determine your allergens is a meals allergy check, which may help you propose a protected and nutritious diet for your self.

5. Sugary Meals

Meals that include massive quantities of sugar trigger blood sugar ranges within the physique. It all of a sudden will increase insulin ranges, which may result in irritation, worsening your Sjögren's syndrome signs. Due to this fact, it's possible you'll need to keep away from sugary drinks, cookies, candies, and sweets. Additionally, synthetic sweeteners like aspartame can set off an immune response, making your signs worse. Due to this fact, it's higher to keep away from candy meals, or you may change to evenly sweetened meals with pure sweeteners akin to honey.

Some Do's and Don'ts for Sjögren's Syndrome Food plan

vitamins for Sjögren's syndrome

Along with ensuring you are getting the proper vitamins and nutritional vitamins for Sjögren's syndromelisted here are some do's and don'ts that may scale back your discomfort whereas consuming meals.


  • Add low-fat sauces and dressings to your meals to make them simpler to swallow. You need to use yogurt, do-it-yourself tomato sauce, or low-fat mayonnaise for this.
  • Soften your meals with water, broth, or milk to make it simpler to chew and swallow. You'll be able to even mix or finely chop your meals for extra consolation.
  • Substitute stable meals with smoothies and soups that present important vitamins and power in liquid type.
  • Suck on popsicles or ice cubes to alleviate ache and discomfort attributable to Signs of Sjogren's Syndrome.


  • Keep away from spicy meals and carbonated drinks, as they'll irritate the irritation and dryness in your mouth and throat.
  • Keep away from scorching meals when you have them Sicca syndrome. Devour your meals chilly or at room temperature to attenuate discomfort whereas swallowing.
  • Keep away from crunchy meals akin to chips, nuts, toast or onerous snack bars. They will make your ache and irritation worse.
  • Keep away from consuming too many dietary supplements to enhance your nutrient consumption. Seek the advice of a dietitian to find out the proper consumption limits of nutritional vitamins for Sjögren's syndrome and cling to those limits accordingly.

Regularly Requested Questions About Sjögren's Syndrome

There isn't any therapy for the syndrome, however a eating regimen that features Sjögren's syndrome can scale back the severity of your signs. For the reason that major symptom of the syndrome is irritation, dryness, and irritation within the throat, switching to anti-inflammatory, comfortable, and moist meals can scale back your signs. As well as, avoiding meals that trigger irritation can stop severe signs.

Anybody can get Sicca syndrome, however it's commonest in girls over the age of 40. As well as, folks with a rheumatic illness akin to Rheumatoid arthritis or Lupus are at a better threat of creating this syndrome.

Consuming scorching, spicy, onerous, or inflammatory meals can irritate the signs of Sjögren's syndrome. You must keep away from allergens and inflammatory meals akin to sugary snacks, crimson meat, trans fat, and processed meals to scale back the severity of your signs.

Select an anti-inflammatory eating regimen wealthy in fiber, lean protein, minerals and nutritional vitamins for Sjögren's syndrome. Keep away from sugar, trans fat, allergens, crimson meat and different inflammatory meals. As a substitute, go for entire grains, contemporary fruit and veggies, fish, nuts, and avocado for a well-rounded eating regimen.


Sjögren's or Sicca's syndrome is an autoimmune illness that may trigger fixed discomfort in those that undergo from it. It causes irritation and dryness within the eyes, mouth, throat and vagina and can even trigger ache within the joints.

For most individuals, essentially the most disturbing symptom of the syndrome is dryness and irritation within the mouth and throat, which makes swallowing meals extraordinarily troublesome. Due to this fact, dietary adjustments are a essential a part of managing signs.

Three necessary elements to bear in mind when designing your eating regimen for this syndrome are eating regimen, anti-inflammatory advantages, and ease of swallowing. For the latter, attempt moisturizing your meals with sauces and dressings and go for comfortable, chilly or combined meals.

Select meals that embody fruit and veggies, lean proteins, omega-3 fat, and do-it-yourself meals that include minerals, power and nutritional vitamins for Sjögren's syndrome. Additionally, add anti-inflammatory elements like turmeric and garlic to your meals and keep away from inflammatory meals like sugar and crimson meat.

Utilizing this The Sjögren's Syndrome Food plan, you may scale back your ache and irritation whereas having fun with healthful, healthful meals. So change your eating regimen when you have suffered the unwell results of this autoimmune illness.

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